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He said he"s seen how fast the transient camp has grown, the deteriorating conditions in which those men & women live.
In the grip of addiction, they traded away what they loved most in life for transient jolts of euphoria.
What"s not well understood is exactly how much cinnamon is optimal, and whether the effect is transient.
That"s not a total shock, given the transient nature of the population & the constantly changing demographics.
So what follows here is the shining benchmark of a time when nobody had agents & the undrafted occasionally slipped into camp as mere transients.
There are a number of transient interactions between molecules that we will never see using experimental techniques.
This is no argument for drinking full-sugar beverages, but it does suggest that transient states -- like, say, drunkenness or hunger -- can affect a person"s self-control.
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types of energy such as wind power and power from the sun that can be replaced as quickly as they are used

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